This page is only a short résumé of our activities. The rest of the website is in French. 

We offer a Bachelor Art Degree with a choice of one out of four specialisations in the area of visual and spatial fine arts: Graphic Design, Print Making and Digital Art, Painting and Photography.

This three-year program leads to a Bachelor Degree Diploma (180 ECTS), fully recognised and publicly founded by the Belgium state. The aim of the degree is either to immediately start a career or to continue towards a Master degree. 

With its three sites, including the main one within the quiet environment of the Malou Park in Brussels, with around 250 students and 45 members of staff, we tend to provide outstanding educational practices and interpersonal relationships as well as building up on international exchanges.

A program designed on the “Image” and based on a balanced training program

You will learn various techniques, artistic and analytical materials, combined with a creative and reflexive approach, providing you with the necessary skills to integrate all kinds of careers offered within the professional world of contemporary image.

Graphic Design:

The orientation focus on typography, text/image relation, page layout, storytelling, and also on visual communication in the area of culture, politics and advertising. It implies to acquire a sense of critical thinking and an important involvement in societal challenges within the creative process.

Print Making and Digital Art:

The orientation mixes traditional practices and contemporary techniques: drawing, screen printed, engravings, “livre d’artiste”, photography and open-sourced computer graphics, all of them tend to reinvent themselves through new creative approaches as long as professional perspectives in various fields.


The orientation provides a gradual and systematical discover of the student’s own formal language and technical skills through an individual follow-up of each one’s imaginary and experimentations. The program offers creative and explorative opportunities in line with the poetic trends of today’s pictorial art, space, color, and performance art.


The orientation covers all the aspects of the medium. The teaching output gives priority to an artist’s vision based on the creative process as a language and the documentary as a way of questioning the world. The program comprises artistic and technical learning in the area of both digital and analog photography. It requires the acquisition of historical knowledge and the building of critical thinking


Over the year, Le Septantecinq has been involved in the Erasmus + programs as well as collaborating with many countries at an international level.

We offer the opportunity for European students (SM) to choose from a great selection of modules for a period between 3 months to 1 year, as well as welcoming European lecturers and artists from our partner schools (TS) for conferences, workshops, and as part of the organisation of mobility (OM).

Please note that the theoretical classes are in French. The practical – and one-to-one – modules can be attended in French or English (depending on the lecturer).

The Septantecinq is also involved in several artistic collaborations all over the world. Please consult our “international” page for more details.

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